A Doctor Who review podcast featuring Kyle (The Nerdist, Doctor Who: The Writer's Room) and Steven (Radio Free Skaro, Lazy Doctor Who) and their immediate reactions to randomly selected Doctor Who stories.
The Memory Cheats #80

Episode #80 of Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats! In this episode, we discuss...

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The Memory Cheats - Episode Guide, Part One

We often get asked why we no longer include the title what classic story we're reviewing in each episode of The Memory Cheats. The simple reason is that we think it's exicting for the listener to discover what story we'll be talking about at the same time we do. However, as we approach the halfway point in our journey through our memories of classic Doctor Who, we thought it was an appropriate time to look back and see how far we've come.

Here, by popular demand, are the stories we reviewed in the first 79 episodes of The Memory Cheats. We'll do another list once we're finished in 81 weeks time!

  1. The Edge of Destruction
  2. Nightmare of Eden
  3. The Myth Makers
  4. Pyramids of Mars
  5. Survival
  6. The Ambassadors of Death
  7. Planet of Evil
  8. Ghost Light
  9. The Power of Kroll
  10. The Dominators
  11. The Talons of Weng0Chiang
  12. Marco Polo
  13. The Time Warrior
  14. The Armageddon Factor
  15. Mindwarp
  16. The Invasion
  17. The Celestial Toymaker
  18. Shada
  19. Time-Flight
  20. Terror of the Autons
  21. The Tenth Planet
  22. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  23. Arc of Infinity
  24. The Pirate Planet
  25. The Invasion of Time
  26. The Mind of Evil
  27. Day of the Daleks
  28. City of Death
  29. The Abominable Snowmen
  30. The Hand of Fear
  31. Silver Nemesis
  32. The Moonbase
  33. Terror of the Vervoids
  34. An Unearthly Child
  35. The Horns of Nimon
  36. The War Games
  37. The Crusade
  38. The Smugglers
  39. Resurrection of the Daleks
  40. Black Orchid
  41. Enlightenment
  42. The Ultimate Foe
  43. The Web Planet
  44. The Ribos Operation
  45. Delta and the Bannermen
  46. Four to Doomsday
  47. Revelation of the Daleks
  48. The War Machines
  49. Doctor Who and the Silurians
  50. The Savages
  51. Planet of Fire
  52. The Space Museum
  53. The Invisible Enemy
  54. The Brain of Morbius
  55. The Claws of Axos
  56. Destiny of the Daleks
  57. Galaxy 4
  58. Planet of the Daleks
  59. The Mutants
  60. The Visitation
  61. The Green Death
  62. The Highlanders
  63. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  64. Time and the Rani
  65. The Reign of Terror
  66. The Stones of Blood
  67. The Mysterious Planet
  68. Revenge of the Cybermen
  69. The Ark
  70. Vengeance on Varos
  71. Terror of the Zygons
  72. Warriors of the Deep
  73. The Android Invasion
  74. Frontier in Space
  75. Earthshock
  76. Planet of the Spiders
  77. The Daemons
  78. Paradise Towers
  79. Frontios
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